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Water Management Products

We help bring simplicity to your water needs, from nutrient-based water solutions for your garden to the water in your pond or fountain. Dragon’s Lair has the merchandise needed to make your life easy.


Our stock of pumps focuses on popular items. However, in most cases, we can cover your needs with a custom order. Find our regularly stocked brands below. We have provided links for some of these brands so you can review products in greater detail. For the full-service experience, visit our store, and we can walk you through the perfect setup for your water needs. Our pump brands include:

Watering Movement Accessories

Take a look at the brands linked below, and fill your order by visiting The Dragon’s Lair Garden Centre in Campbell River. We carry items from brands such as:

Water Aeration

Water aeration is an essential component to your nutrient tank, rainwater barrel or applications using the nutrient film technique. In all cases, with aeration, one can prevent anaerobic bacteria buildup. Further benefit to aeration in an organic tea application is the multiplying of beneficial bacteria, which increases the nutrient value of the tea. This is an essential component in organic growing.

Air Pumps

The Dragon’s Lair Garden Center carries pumps from:

Air Stones

The Dragon’s Lair Garden Center carries stones from:

Water Monitoring Instrumentation

Essential for nutrient application are 3 elements that need monitoring so as to ensure appropriate levels have been met: temperature, parts per million (PPM), and, at times, soil moisture level. To further discuss these elements, please come to The Dragon’s Lair Garden Center. Most brands of instrumentation have 3 monitoring components: pH, PPM and temperature, but some do not monitor all elements.

Calibration Fluids

Cleaning and calibrating at least monthly will help maintain accurate readings. Accurate readings simplify crop management and provide improved growth. You can read more about the products we carry by visiting the manufacturer websites linked below, or you can visit our store to speak with an expert that can provide you with personalized advice. Brands we carry are as follows:

Other Components for Water Handling

The following items can be special ordered for you:

Flood Table


Recycled Barrels – 2.5 Gallon to 55 Gallon

Reservoir Heater

This is a good idea for individuals whose reservoir drops below 68 degrees.

Reverse Osmosis

Although these are a custom order, Dragon’s Lair provides an extensive range of water filter cartridges, filter housings and reverse osmosis systems. We also offer a large selection of carbon cartridges and sediment filtration as well as special application filters for lead reduction or cyst removal.

Ponds and Water Features

Find a custom order item to fit your budget.

Preformed Ponds

Our preformed ponds are typically a depth of 18” ranging from 75-125 gallons. The following ponds are typically available:

  • Aruba 50gal
  • Madeira 100gal
  • Michigan Kidney 125gal
  • Whiskey ½ Barrel Liner

UV Systems and Parts

UV water disinfection is a proven, affordable, environmentally-friendly technology that can help you to ensure the safety of your water supply. The UV system links provided are full of information for your education: Drinking Water UV Systems and Pond UV Systems.

Filtration Systems

Come to Dragon’s Lair to discuss your requirements. You can also find online resources for filtration fundamentals and filter types.

Under Water Lighting

Lighting is a safe addition to your water feature. Find more information on lighting fundamentals here.

Mist Maker

This is an in-stock item which creates a foggy mist over your water feature. It can be a simple mist or a lighted feature. Come to Dragon’s Lair to discuss your options.


Fountains are a custom order item that can fit the size of your pond and stay within an economical price range. Find more information on fountain fundamentals online.

Plant Consultations

If you need advice on your garden, our experts can help!

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